Post Date: February 7, 2018


To determine how the St. Joseph County Human Services Commission (HSC) can best serve the people of St. Joseph County, the HSC membership recently underwent strategic planning.

Omni Tech International Ltd. engaged HSC membership, HSC task forces, additional county wide agency front line workers, and other community stakeholders in a community needs survey. The sampling of information obtained from this survey was used to gauge opinions of how the HSC needs to position itself. Membership also met for a retreat to discuss the community survey results as well as the membership’s overall satisfaction of the collaborative’s performance.

Much of our final strategic plan developed for 2017-2020 focuses on changes internally to strengthen communication within our collaborative as well communication with other bodies and agencies in St Joseph County. The strategic work plan involves developing a sustainable resource base and HSC infrastructure to support current and future operations. We will build effective systems and processes to identify, prioritize, and coordinate work to address and monitor community needs. We will also achieve a highly effective HSC body.

The end result will be more residents receiving services because both the front line workers serving them know what is available in our county and residents will know how to access these services. We are excited to begin work on the strategic plan to best position the HSC for the future.