SJC Housing Collaborative

The St. Joseph County Human Services Commission (HSC) along with other county stakeholders has worked with Southcentral Michigan Planning Council (SMPC) to develop a comprehensive housing plan. The plan includes a local assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the housing market and defined goals, objectives, and strategies for the community to implement in order to address the identified housing needs.

The plan was revealed June 23, 2021 and a committee has been established to oversee work of the plan moving forward. The multi-pronged plan focuses around three goals of:

  • Maintaining a diversity of housing option for all residents of SJC.
  • Increasing available housing in the county for those who need options with less maintenance.
  • Collaboration to better promote the county’s amenities to potential residents

The SJC Housing Collaborative committee meets quarterly. Questions about how you can be involved in moving the St. Joseph County Housing Plan forward can be directed to: Clayton Lyczynski II, St. Joseph County Housing Coordinator,