Great Start Collaborative / Help Me Grow St. Joe & Early Childhood Workgroup

The St. Joseph County Great Start Collaborative (GSC) engages the entire community to assure a coordinated system of services and resources to assist families in providing a great start for children from birth through age five. The GSC brings together parents, human service professionals, educators, business and government leaders, and leaders from the faith based community.  Help Me Grow St. Joe is a Centralized Access Point that assists families and professionals in connecting children to the grid of community resources to help them thrive.

The GSC’s Early Childhood Workgroup meets the first Wednesday each month,1pm-3pm at the St. Joseph County ISD or via Google Meet to review existing support systems, identify gaps in services, and develop/implement a Strategic Plan to close those gaps.

For more information, contact Stephanie Zann, or visit us on Facebook at