The St. Joseph County Human Services has established itself to be the multi-purpose collaborative body for St. Joseph County. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that the resources of St. Joseph County are used cooperatively and efficiently by all the people.

HSC Mission

The St. Joseph County Human Services Commission is to “coordinate and leverage collaborative efforts to improve quality of life for all citizens.”

HSC Vision

Our vision is “to facilitate seamless and efficient access to services that support individual, family, and community needs.”

HSC Guiding Principles

We believe …

  • The needs of all St. Joseph County residents drive our planning and prioritization
  • Broad community representation is essential for collaboration
  • Collaboration means shared stewardship of community resources and we work to leverage those resources, skills, and talents for the common good
  • Collaboration benefits the community and facilitates innovation and we will track and evaluate our efforts with outcome measures
  • Coordination enables clients who need services from multiple agencies to receive services as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • All residents should have access to opportunities that will improve their quality of life