Conscious Discipline Online Series

Conscious Discipline Online Series

Class is online on Thursdays in March, and then Mondays in April with a total of 10 sessions.

What you will learn:

SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION TO CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE • Examine traditional discipline, reflecting on how we’ve disciplined in the past and why we have continued this pattern. • Discover one value system that integrates the way we feel on the inside with the way we behave on the outside. • Explore the mindset shift necessary to help us remain conscious, even in the most challenging moments.

SESSION 2: BECOMING BRAIN SMART • Understanding that permanent behavior change requires is to manage our inner states so we can change how we respond to others. • Explore how to be a co-regulator with children while strengthening our self-regulation skills. • Identify the skills and behaviors of the Survival State, Emotional State and Executive State. • Utilize the Conscious Discipline Brain State Model to illustrate how to integrate and wire the brain for optimal development.

SESSION 3: THE CONNECTED FAMILY AND THE SCHOOL FAMILY • Discuss the shift from a factory model of education to a family model, with the goal of creating an optimal school culture. • Examine how intrinsic motivation to achieve, learn and be of service is more effective than relying on external manipulation. • Discover the transformative power of the School Family and the Connected Home Family, and how they lay the groundwork for a safe, connected culture where problem-solving is possible.

SESSION 4: THE SKILL OF COMPOSURE AND THE POWER OF PERCEPTION • Practice strategies for taking back our power. • Discover ways to change destructive trigger thoughts into healthy self-talk and active calming • Explore ways to download calm and answer the question “Am I safe?” with the Skills of Composure. Examine the Safe Place as a self-regulation learning center so children and adults can practice the Skill of Composure.

SESSION 5: THE SKILL OF ASSERTIVENESS AND THE POWER OF ATTENTION • Utilize the Power of Attention to focus on what we want. • Discover how to access and develop our assertive voice. • Apply the Skill of Assertiveness through visuals to increase compliance. • Examine the necessary steps to empower children to use their BIG voice in times of conflict.

SESSION 6: THE SKILL OF ENCOURAGEMENT AND THE POWER OF UNITY • Identify ways to shift from a culture of “us” and “them” to a culture of “we” with unity as its goal. • Recognize how being of service can function as a powerful replacement for external rewards. • Practice the language of encouragement to highlight acceptance and unconditional love. • Explore the School Family and connected home family structures to help children practice the Skill of Encouragement.

SESSION 7: THE SKILL OF CHOICES AND THE POWER OF FREE WILL • Understand that power comes from choice, not force. • Learn ways to help children build self-esteem by offering them two positive choices. • Recognize that Power of Free Will and the fact that the only person we can make change is ourselves. • Discover ways to help children reframe blame and take responsibility for their actions and choices.

SESSION 8: THE SKILL OF EMPATHY AND THE POWER OF ACCEPTANCE • Explore how managing our inner state is a prerequisite to resolving conflicts. • Determine how to shift from negating our feelings to accepting and managing them in moments. • Discover ways to help children take ownership of their feelings as we guide them through emotional regulation. • Examine how to handle fits, tantrums and emotional upset in a way that wires the brain for self-control.

SESSION 9: THE SKILL OF POSITIVE INTENT AND THE POWER OF LOVE • Understand that in order for children to behave differently, we must see them differently. • Discover how the Skill of Positive Intent can turn resistance into cooperation. • Practice effective ways to respond to physical and verbal aggression. • Learn and apply the steps for teaching children to resolve conflicts with others.

SESSION 10: THE SKILL OF CONSEQUENCES AND THE POWER OF INTENTION • List the five realities of effective consequences. • Understand there are three types of consequences. • Discover how the Power of Intention can foster responsibility, reflection and willingness to change. • Discuss how the executive skills are instrumental in problem solving.

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Apr 24 2023


5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Virtual Event
Virtual, Three Rivers, Sturgis, Constantine, White Pigeon, Burr Oak, Centreville, Mendon


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