Prime For Life Class

Prime For Life Class

Prime for Life classes are FREE and generally offered on the second Saturday each month in Centreville.

To sign up or to reach out with questions, contact:
Mark Olsen, Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist
Community Mental Health
269-467-1001 x354

Prime for Life is a 4 hour education program for adults and youth that focuses on alcohol and drug prevention and intervention. Thousands of people throughout the country receive the program through their employers, schools, welfare-to-work programs, and places of worship. Many receive the program for continuing education and professional development.

PRIME For Life content is carefully selected to help people reduce their risk for alcohol and drug problems throughout their life.

The program’s nonjudgmental approach reduces resistance to the life-saving information presented in the program and increases students’ openness to change.

Information presented is based on documented research findings rather than opinion, exaggerations, or scare tactics.

Initial intensive training and follow-up support services help instructors deliver the material effectively.


The event is finished.


Jul 13 2024


8:20 am - 12:20 pm


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